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Meet Destiny

Destiny, a proud member of the Waterhen Lake First Nation, was raised in the city of Meadow Lake, just 30 minutes away. Destiny’s journey in the hospitality industry spans over 17 years.

From her humble beginnings as a waitress to her being a business owner and now, her current role as a dedicated manager for Waterhens Waters Edge Eco Lodge, Destiny’s passion for service and leadership has been unwavering.

Alongside her supportive husband Jason and their two cherished children, Gabrielle and Alexander, Destiny has embraced every opportunity to blend her cultural heritage with her professional pursuits, creating meaningful experiences for guests and fostering a sense of community wherever she goes.

Fall grass on shore of Grieg Lake Saskatchewan
Full moon over lake at Grieg Lake Waters Edge Eco Lodge

Meet Jowel

Jowel, a proud First Nations individual from Waterhen Lake, SK, has dedicated the past two years to a career in hospitality, inspired by her upbringing in a home filled with talented cooks. Her passion for cooking and baking, combined with a love for trying new things and connecting with nature, drives Jowel to explore indigenous culinary traditions and share her cultural heritage through the power of food. Through her work, she aims to not only showcase the rich flavors and techniques of Indigenous cuisine but also to foster understanding and appreciation for her heritage within the broader community.

Meet Jewel

Jewel Lapratt Fiddler, hailing from Waterhen Lake, SK, is a determined First Nations individual with a year of hospitality experience and a desire to enhance her culinary skills.

She finds solace in nature, where she explores the land, learns about natural medicine, and enjoys hunting. Adaptable and innovative, Jewel thrives on new challenges, aiming to make tasks easier for herself and her team.

With a goal to gain more experience in customer service and front desk operations, she draws strength from the teachings of the independent and hardworking women in her family, shaping her into the resilient individual she is today.

Fall grass on shore of Grieg Lake Saskatchewan
Full moon over lake at Grieg Lake Waters Edge Eco Lodge

Meet Justina

Justina’s story is woven with threads of adventure, rooted deeply in her love for nature and the thrill of exploration. With a heart that beats for the great outdoors, she finds solace and inspiration amidst the vibrant tapestry of the natural world.

As a devoted gardener and plant enthusiast, Justina’s hands are never far from the soil, nurturing life and coaxing beauty from the earth with each tender touch. Now, as she steps into her role as a maintenance lady, Justina’s excitement bubbles over. Every task becomes a canvas for her creativity and passion, as she infuses her surroundings with the same love and care she showers on her garden.

For Justina, being surrounded by nature isn’t just a hobby — it’s a way of life, a calling that fills her days with purpose and joy.